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Creative Clinical Associates Inc. - Company Message
Creative Clinical Associates Inc. is an outpatient counseling center in Stowe, Vermont that provides mental health counseling services to the towns of Montpelier, Waterbury, Morrisville, Stowe and their surrounding areas.  Created in 2003 in Richmond, Virginia, Creative Clinical Associates has built a reputation that is both clinically sound and uniquely individualistic. 
Creative Clinical Associates is located in Stowe, Vermont.
The counselors at Creative Clinical Associates offer mental health services in Stowe, Vermont for many of life's challenges including:
Comprised of two experienced mental health clinicians, Creative Clinical Associates collectively offer 40 plus years of mental health experience.  Both counselors have assisted individuals to overcome a variety of challenging symptoms to include:
  • adolescent acting out
  • anger management problems
  • divorce recovery 
  • step-family relationships
 Creative Clinical Associates offers individual, group, family and couples counseling services at affordable rates and flexible hours.