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Eating Disorders
What is your relationship with food like?  Is it healthy? balanced? sane?  For many of us the answer is no; not even close. At Creative Clinical Associates Inc. (Stowe,Vermont) we ask this question.  For people who struggle with an eating disorder it takes a fair amount of work to develop a healthy relationship with food.  Eating disorders like: bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and compulsive overeating are all patterns of disordered eating that represent this unhealthy relationship.
Although an eating disorder in Stowe, Vermont and elsewhere are likely to be represented in many different ways, the common theme for all of us who experience them is pain, fear and a lifetime of dissatisfaction with ourselves, our lives and our bodies.  We spend years believing that if we could only get thin we would be happy; life would  be perfect.  What a disappointment it is when we get thin and realize life continues to be difficult,disappointing, painful even.  Eating disorders trick us into believing that life would be manageable if we could control our eating and our weight.
At Creative Clinical Associates(Stowe,Vermont) we assist clients in learning how  to cope with life's stressors without the painful consequences associated with obsessive thoughts of food and our body. At CCA Inc. counseling center, we teach that being healthy is the result of being happy with who we are as human beings and that happiness is not entirely dependent on how we look or how much we weigh.
is offering outpatient mental health services in Stowe, Vermont and the surrounding Burlington areas.  Her specialty includes working with people who are experiencing symptoms related to anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder and compulsive overeating. She is one of the few  providers who will work with an eating disorder in Stowe, Vermont.  She is passionate about helping others because she has experienced an eating disorder herself.  Susan is aware, however, that a client's journey to recovery is unique and she strives to serve as a personal, but well-informed guide to others during their own challenging process.
Recovering from an eating disorder is a life long process.  It is not a one time event.  It is my belief that we live in a world that supports our development of an eating disorder.  An intricate combination of cultural,biological and familial pressures that leave us with the sense that we are not good enough unless we look a certain way.  Our true voices are stifled and we begin to act how others want us to or in ways that are codependent. 
Much of the work I do with women is about helping them find their voice.  I teach women to express themselves in spite of the negative consequences they are often subject to if they go against the norm of being "nice" and "pretty".  Additionally, many women with eating disorders have experienced sexual trauma or some kind of physical or emotional abuse.  Even then, despite the difficulties associated with being honest, I encourage women to speak up.  Recovery is about holding others accountable for their behavior as well as taking responsibility for our own.
Being more assertive with others, even those close to us, is an important part of our healing process.  Too often we are overly focused on pleasing others.  In fact, some people with bulimia report that they begin to purge so that others will not become uncomfortable with their behavior around food.  Refraining from people pleasing is essential for freedom from an eating disorder.
If you or someone you know might have an eating disorder in Stowe, Vermont or it's surrounding areas, call Susan at your earliest convenience for a confidential assessment at (804)869-5984.
Some good books to read on this subject include:
Fat is a Feminist Issue by Suze Orbach
Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders by Susan Wooley et al.
The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolfe
Geneen Roth is excellent  on this subject, I recommend anything she has written.
If you are suffering from an eating disorder and you live in Vermont, please don't hesitate to call Creative Clinical Associates at (804)869-5984 to talk confidentialy with Susan about your needs.  or, ,