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New Location
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New Location
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What's on Your Mind?

New Location

Susan and Lee are excited to announce our new location in Williston at the new Kismet building, starting in June.  Come check us out, it is a beautiful new space with many wholistic providers.


I haven't blogged in a while.  It is hard to share when I am not feeling well/happy.  However, my advice to others is often to share anyway so I hate the thought of being a hypocrite more than I hate sharing at difficult times.   Feel like I should share something positive but don't really have much to say that is positive.  I've been thinking about how difficult life can be when you are honest.  Perhaps not for everyone, but for me.  Trouble seems to come my way when I share what I am truly thinking or feeling. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately (I haven't decided) integrity is extremely important to me.  I am often confused about others unwillingness or lack of concern for the truth.  There is value in our words because they are honest, there is value because we are valuable, it is that simple.   The message we get from the world seems to be don't say anything that might upset someone or that you may lose out on something you really want or you may offend the "wrong" person. As if there is one person's truth that is more valuable than others.  Often times, we have to ask ourselves, should I be honest or should I just keep my mouth shut.  Too often.  Perhaps the world would be a better place if we were honest more often, all of us.  Perhaps it would be more painful but at least it would be real. 

Living in the Moment

Fall is coming. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  Ours was eventful to say the least, some good, some bad, lots of in-between.  Everyone is getting older, as we tend to do.  I have been thinking alot about my future, feeling like it is much more precious, much less time to waste.  It seems that it is so difficult to stay focused on what really matters in life, as opposed to all the little details that do not, like: who put the trash out, how come my back hurts all the time, why don't I weigh less, how come he/she acts that way.  All of these can become distractions to us and life seems to be about not letting our minds wander or get overly focused on what does not bring us peace or love.  I know I have wasted many hours thinking about things that do nothing but cause pain or frustration for me.  I am hopeful that moving forward I will be less drawn to these ways of thinking and more drawn to positive life-affirming activities. 

New Location

We are adding a new Location in Berlin.  We are very excited about it and looking forward to growing our family of clients.  Please let your friends and family know.  Thank you for all your support.  Susan and Lee

Winter to Sprint

The weather has turned nice, which makes us all feel good.  It has been a long winter, it has been hard for people, myself included, at times, to stay positive.  When you are stuck inside that is when it is important to take care of yourself, even when it is the last thing you want to do.  Reading a positive book, talking to a positive, supportive person, helping someone who is having a harder time than you; all these activities remind us that it is okay to be human, that we all struggle at times. I don't think we are meant to operate at peak performance all the time, we need to learn to accept this. Allow yourself room to move.  If you approach yourself with a degree of compassion and flexibility you will move more quickly through the hard times.  Hard times do not last forever; there is a season,turn, turn, turn............Take care - Susan

The Human Spirit

It is very cold outside in Vermont.  Below zero.  Several degrees below zero and I am in shock that people are still acting as if everything is okay. Not really, after all what choice do we have.  These temperatures, however, are a first for me.  I worried some about my ability to tolerate the cold prior to coming here; having heard stories of how cold it could get.  I am learning so much about myself and others.  I am impressed by the people here and how tough they are, how determined they are to keep going regardless of the obstacle. I am reminded that we never really know what we are capable of until we try and that we should always take risks.  We should always believe in our ability to handle difficult circumstances; we should always give ourselves the opportunity to prove how strong and capable we are. 

Christmastime Gratitude

Merry Christmas everyone.  I am stressed, I imagine you all are too.  It is a happy, excited stress, but stress nonetheless.  Although I am not very festive at home, (we have not even gotten a tree) I have felt the Christmas spirit from others and that is a nice feeling.  Some folks have given us cards and cookies which makes me feel loved, cared for.   On a deeper level, I feel grateful for being able to do the work I do.  For being able to touch people's lives in the way that we do.  It can be difficult, scary even, but very rewarding.  I am proud of all those who have worked hard to make their lives better and those who have faced their pain head-on this past year. 
Lee and I have worked hard to create a family atmosphere at CCA and I consider you all a part of our extended family. 
It is my belief that if we start to look at others; relatives and non-relatives alike, as a part of our family we would truly feel more connected and less alone. 
Thank you all for including CCA on your journey! 
Merry Christmas!  -   Susan, Lee, Zoe, Drew and Mike. 


Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.  I think we have an idea or stereotype in our head about what bullies look like which keep us from seeing the real bullies that are a part of our everyday lives.  Lately, we have been experiencing some bullying by people, for all intents and purposes, who seem very nice.  They are not threatening to hurt us physically but they are threatening our self-esteem.  They are trying to make us feel, less than, not good, ashamed.   Any person that tries to make you feel bad about yourself so that he/she can get their needs met, is what I call a bully.  Big businesses often act in bullying ways, people with money can act very bullying, any person or group of people that try to push you around because they can or are in a position to do so, are in my book.......... bullies.  Be careful not to bully others and if you run across a bully, stand up for yourself, set a boundary, no matter how crude it may be.  Tell them no they can't treat you poorly or with disrespect.  The problem with bullies is that they are empowered by fear, theirs and others and if we act afraid or respond in a fear-based way we guarantee that the bullying behavior will remain in effect and will continue to used against us.  Don't just do it for yourself, do it for the world at large, for all the people that are bullied every day with very little recourse or way to fight back. 


Busy time for us all.  I drive through beautiful Stowe and there is a flurry of activity.  Tourists are everywhere taking pictures.  They come to where I live to get away from their day to day lives, to relax, to appreciate nature and the world at large.  Kind of funny, because it is often happening simultaneously while I am becoming irritated at them for slowing me down on my way to work.  Stepping back, I am reminded of the importance of maintaining perspective in our lives.  That sometimes changing our perspective and looking at our lives from a different point of view may actually help us overcome our difficulties.  My husband and I moved to change our perspective, which has been good for us.  However, there are smaller ways to change your perspective as well.  If you are having a hard time, find a way to take yourself out of the situation so that you may look at it from another angle.  I promise you it will make you feel better about the issue.  


Fall is here.  I am always excited in the fall.  It reminds me of school and fresh starts.  A time to let go of the past and look to the future.  A chance to do things differently, better.  I know that I need to keep my expectations realistic though and not fall into the trap of discarding my past as if it was all a waste of time.  Self-forgiveness is key; remember we are allowed to make mistakes,....... always.  Black and white thinking can be tempting but unhealthy. It promises us easy answers.  Easy answers are tempting in a world that is so complicated but we need to avoid them.  Life is always changing and there is a process to it.  Our job is to adapt to it and learn what we can.  Stay humble.