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What's on Your Mind?


I wanted to write about the importance of building community with others.  Nothing isolates us more than some kind of disease state.  I work with eating disorders but there are many other states of disease that separate us from others like; alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, and addictive relationships.  Whenever we reach out to others and talk about how we think and feel we take the power away from the fear that feeds our dysfunction. Connect with others in strength and positivity.


Celebrating Birthdays are fun.  It is important to celebrate people for the unique, lovable beings that they are and to have gratitude for their being in our lives.  We are all complicated packages, but learning to love each other in spite of our character defects is worthwhile and makes us better,more mature.


I am embarrassed to say that previously I did not know really how to blog.  I was told that I need to have more of a conversation with folks as opposed to just putting up one line questions.  So it has been a while since my last post because I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about.  Lately, I have been thinking about success and what that means, how does one define it.  Is there a true success for all human beings like being happy or does it vary like money for some, love for others etc....I know what success means in the US but it seems like our ideas of success are what are killing us.  Perhaps we need to redefine it, write a new constitution.  What do you think?

eating disorders

If you are suffering from an eating disorder, check us out here.  www.creativecounselingtherapy.com

Happy New Year

Start the New Year off right, Be Nice to Yourself, It will save the world.


If people were more prevention oriented there would be fewer mental health crises. Often times we wait until it is too late or we are in crisis before we get the help we need.  Why don't we see mental health as a priority?

Holiday feelings

It is important to keep our expectations of others and ourselves realistic especially during the holidays. It is easy to get disappointed this time of year. 


How does one move on after tragedy or trauma?  It must be difficult if others want to go along "business as usual" when you feel hurt/pain. 

Current Events

My heart aches for the children and adults in Connecticut.  I think I am experiencing a mild form of PTSD as a result of what I learned and saw on TV.  Not sure if I should keep watching.  I am sad at times that the mental health  community can not do more to help prevent these things from happening.


What kinds of feelings do the holidays bring up for you? Happy, sad, lonely, grief.