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What's on Your Mind?

December 2012


If people were more prevention oriented there would be fewer mental health crises. Often times we wait until it is too late or we are in crisis before we get the help we need.  Why don't we see mental health as a priority?

Holiday feelings

It is important to keep our expectations of others and ourselves realistic especially during the holidays. It is easy to get disappointed this time of year. 


How does one move on after tragedy or trauma?  It must be difficult if others want to go along "business as usual" when you feel hurt/pain. 

Current Events

My heart aches for the children and adults in Connecticut.  I think I am experiencing a mild form of PTSD as a result of what I learned and saw on TV.  Not sure if I should keep watching.  I am sad at times that the mental health  community can not do more to help prevent these things from happening.


What kinds of feelings do the holidays bring up for you? Happy, sad, lonely, grief.


Do you live your life like you are connected to others?  Like what you do matters to others?Do other people seem to live their life like that to you?