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What's on Your Mind?

June 2013

4th of July Thoughts

Independence Day is coming up.  My question for all is, How free do you feel?  Do you feel free from addiction, pain, anger, food addiction......  Do you feel free in your relationships?  If the answer is no.  Why not?  How do you become more free....... internally?  What work do you need to do on yourself to become more free?  I have been thinking about the work I need to do, realizing we are never done.  I hope everyone enjoys their holiday, but I encourage you to think about the work you need to do on yourself.  Freeing yourself internally from the feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are causing you pain and holding you back from your true calling can help make America truly free. 


Summertime is here, people are busy, socializing, traveling, enjoying the weather.  Let's all be thankful for the gifts we have been given and the ones that others share with us. Remember to let the good stuff in even when it is unexpected or unplanned. Sometimes it is hard when life does not match our expectations, however, Life rarely matches our expectations, perhaps it gets close but expecting a perfect match can lead to disappointment and chronic sadness. Hope everyone is happy enough or on their way to being so.... Susan