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What's on Your Mind?

April 2014

Winter to Sprint

The weather has turned nice, which makes us all feel good.  It has been a long winter, it has been hard for people, myself included, at times, to stay positive.  When you are stuck inside that is when it is important to take care of yourself, even when it is the last thing you want to do.  Reading a positive book, talking to a positive, supportive person, helping someone who is having a harder time than you; all these activities remind us that it is okay to be human, that we all struggle at times. I don't think we are meant to operate at peak performance all the time, we need to learn to accept this. Allow yourself room to move.  If you approach yourself with a degree of compassion and flexibility you will move more quickly through the hard times.  Hard times do not last forever; there is a season,turn, turn, turn............Take care - Susan