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What's on Your Mind?

September 2014

Living in the Moment

Fall is coming. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  Ours was eventful to say the least, some good, some bad, lots of in-between.  Everyone is getting older, as we tend to do.  I have been thinking alot about my future, feeling like it is much more precious, much less time to waste.  It seems that it is so difficult to stay focused on what really matters in life, as opposed to all the little details that do not, like: who put the trash out, how come my back hurts all the time, why don't I weigh less, how come he/she acts that way.  All of these can become distractions to us and life seems to be about not letting our minds wander or get overly focused on what does not bring us peace or love.  I know I have wasted many hours thinking about things that do nothing but cause pain or frustration for me.  I am hopeful that moving forward I will be less drawn to these ways of thinking and more drawn to positive life-affirming activities.