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What's on Your Mind?


Christmastime Gratitude

Merry Christmas everyone.  I am stressed, I imagine you all are too.  It is a happy, excited stress, but stress nonetheless.  Although I am not very festive at home, (we have not even gotten a tree) I have felt the Christmas spirit from others and that is a nice feeling.  Some folks have given us cards and cookies which makes me feel loved, cared for.   On a deeper level, I feel grateful for being able to do the work I do.  For being able to touch people's lives in the way that we do.  It can be difficult, scary even, but very rewarding.  I am proud of all those who have worked hard to make their lives better and those who have faced their pain head-on this past year. 
Lee and I have worked hard to create a family atmosphere at CCA and I consider you all a part of our extended family. 
It is my belief that if we start to look at others; relatives and non-relatives alike, as a part of our family we would truly feel more connected and less alone. 
Thank you all for including CCA on your journey! 
Merry Christmas!  -   Susan, Lee, Zoe, Drew and Mike. 

4th of July Thoughts

Independence Day is coming up.  My question for all is, How free do you feel?  Do you feel free from addiction, pain, anger, food addiction......  Do you feel free in your relationships?  If the answer is no.  Why not?  How do you become more free....... internally?  What work do you need to do on yourself to become more free?  I have been thinking about the work I need to do, realizing we are never done.  I hope everyone enjoys their holiday, but I encourage you to think about the work you need to do on yourself.  Freeing yourself internally from the feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are causing you pain and holding you back from your true calling can help make America truly free. 


Celebrating Birthdays are fun.  It is important to celebrate people for the unique, lovable beings that they are and to have gratitude for their being in our lives.  We are all complicated packages, but learning to love each other in spite of our character defects is worthwhile and makes us better,more mature.

Happy New Year

Start the New Year off right, Be Nice to Yourself, It will save the world.